Your Day as an NYCFC Patient


In order to provide the best care to all of our patients, the clinical teams at the NYCFC value their time with each patient, yet still strive to see patients in a timely manner. All patients are encouraged to bring reading material or read health articles in the waiting or exam rooms, in case of downtime.

The following provides an overview of how you may expect your visit will go at the NYCFC:

On the day of your appointment, please arrive at the NYCFC well before your scheduled appointment. You will be shown to an examination room, where you will be seen by a clinical team of one to two medical students.

After seeing you, the clinical team will leave to talk to the doctor about how best to provide care for you. When the clinical team returns, they will review with you your treatment plan and follow-up. This may include any of the following: a follow-up appointment at our clinic, a referral to Bellevue Hospital to see a specialist, lab tests, and prescriptions.

If you need a follow-up appointment, schedule it at the main desk before you leave. You may call 212-206-5200 to schedule a follow-up at a later time if necessary.

In an effort to serve as many people as possible while also ensuring a continuous source of care, patients may have up to two visits with the NYCFC. After the two free visits, patients may transfer to full-time care with our partner–the Institute of Family Health–on a “sliding scale” basis, or at another clinic.


Q: Are there any requirements to be an NYCFC patient?

The only requirement to receive care at the NYCFC is that you must be an uninsured adult age 18 or older. See Who is Eligible.

Q: How long will my appointment take?

Your appointment may take a couple hours, including waiting time. Appointments for new patients can last slightly longer than for follow-up patients to give us time for a complete medical history and physical exam.

Q: Are there other free clinics or health resources in New York City?

Yes. We have compiled an extensive list of other free and low-cost clinics and services throughout New York City. See Health Resources.

Q: Will my clinic visit cost me anything?

All services we provide, including specialty referral care at Bellevue Hospital Center, are free of charge.

It is important to note that we  DO NOT pay for your overnight stays in the hospital.

Q: How long will it take to get my lab results back? How will I be notified?

You will get your test results within 2 to 3 weeks after your visit to the clinic. Our volunteers will either mail you a letter with your results, or call you to schedule a follow-up appointment so you can talk about the results at the clinic.

Q: What if I need prescription medications?

Patients who need prescription medication will be assisted in finding free or low-cost options for their medications at the time of their visit.

Q: What is a specialty referral?

We provide primary care to our patients. Some patients have more complicated problems that require the attention of specialized doctors. If we think a specialized doctor could help you better, we may give you a free or reduced-cost referral to Bellevue Hospital Center or another appropriate clinic. For example, we are able to refer patients to orthopedics, neurology, gynecology, podiatry, dermatology, urology, gastroenterology, hematology, ophthalmology, and psychiatry, among other clinics. We can also refer to a mental health specialist at the Institute of Family Health.

If you get a referral, we will schedule your appointment, and give you all the instructions you need to see your new doctor. You will not have to pay for your first appointment at Bellevue Hospital Center if you received your referral through the NYCFC. If you need further specialist care, we ask that you return to the NYCFC where we can assess your condition, and we may be able to issue you a new referral.

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