Who is Eligible


The NYCFC is committed to serving the uninsured of New York. We serve all patients regardless of their socioeconomic, immigration, or health status.

The only requirement to receive care at the NYCFC is that you must be an uninsured adult age 18 or older.

All services provided by the clinic are free of charge to patients.

All new patients will receive free screening for health insurance eligibility by a social worker. We are able to make referrals to specialists when appropriate. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with us, then you can call 212.206.5200. Be sure to specify with whomever answers the phone that you want to make an appointment at the Free Clinic.

Please view a detailed list of the comprehensive free services we provide, as well as services we do not presently offer.

The only fee that may be associated with a patient visit is a small co-pay for prescription medications ($15 for generic medications; $40 for brand-name medications).

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