NYU Grossman School of Medicine provides administrative advising and support for the NYCFC Steering Committee and student volunteers. The school donates all administrative office space, associated maintenance, and office supplies to the NYCFC. It also provides financial accounting and auditing services and covers all costs associated with student volunteers.

The Institute for Family Health is the primary clinical partner of the NYCFC. The Institute donates all clinic space, associated maintenance, and medical supplies to the NYCFC. An Institute for Family Health physician serves as the NYCFC medical director. Institute for Family Health social workers conduct insurance eligibility and psychosocial screenings for NYCFC patients, and Institute for Family Health patient services representatives assist in patient registration. Additionally, the Institute provides malpractice coverage to all volunteer physicians unable to extend their own coverage to the NYCFC.

Bellevue Hospital, the nation’s oldest public hospital, has a longstanding history of caring for the underserved and disenfranchised communities throughout New York City.  The NYCFC has negotiated with Bellevue Hospital Center a reduced cost for specialty referrals.  The NYCFC pays this remaining cost such that all referrals to Bellevue Hospital Center are free of charge to NYCFC patients.  The NYCFC is the only clinic in New York City that provides specialty referrals free to its patients.

NYU Langone Health donates all laboratory services offered by the clinic, including blood tests, urinalyses, Pap smears, and sexually-transmitted infection testing, along with many other laboratory and basic radiology services.


The NYCFC collaborates with IFH to provide prescription drugs at a significantly reduced cost to patients through the federal 340B Drug Pricing Program and the Manhattan Pharmacy Assistance Program.

Kress Vision Program

The Kress Vision Program is a grant-funded program that aims to provide free vision care and services to members of the community that do not have access to health insurance. Kress Vision provides preliminary vision screenings, specialty follow-up appointments, prescription eyewear, medication coverage, and much more to individuals that qualify for the program.

The NYCFC Collaborates with Liberty Endoscopy to provide free screening colonoscopies to individuals that qualify for the program. 

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