Management Team


Co-Director/Director of Management

Jenny Engelman

Co-Director/Director of Development

Elizabeth Li

Reproductive Health Coordinator

Nora Fettinger

Patient Education Coordinators

Ryan Crowley and Maria Pratt

Fundraising Coordinators

Jason Hu and Jerry Kong

Referrals Coordinators

Emily Bi, Grace Maline, Lydia Pan, and Xiaoying Zheng

Labs Coordinators

Ella Feiner, Justin Jewell, and Michelle Murata

Patient Scheduling Coordinators

Sami Fairweather and Emily Papiez

Research Coordinators

Jonah Levine and Erica Sinner

Outreach Coordinators

Camila Hernandez Blanco and Alice Tsai

Volunteer Coordinator

Sophia Jacobi

Undergraduate Volunteer Coordinator

Enoch Jiang

Finance Coordinators

Christie Hung and Angelo Osofsky

Continuity and Transitions Manager

Devyn Zaminski

Executive Clinical Coordinators

Muriel Lavallee, Kami Taylor, and Nils Kjos


Institute for Family Health NYCFC Medical DirectorAmarilys Cortijo, MD
Institute for Family Health NYCFC Advisors

Sarah Nosal, MD

Caitlin Weber, MD, MS, IBCLC, FAAFP

NYU School of Medicine Dean for Student AffairsVictoria C. Dinsell, MD
NYU School of Medicine Director for Student AffairsPamela Belluomini, EdD
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